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In the past, many animal shelters struggled to keep up with the influx of homeless animals in need of families. To that end, they have created foster programs whereby foster caregivers are willing to help out with the responsibilities of caring for these animals until permanent homes can be found. However, the onset of the global pandemic has changed animal sheltering. 

With the need to self-quarantine, many people are experiencing the effects of isolation on their mental health. Adopting a pet provides companionship and unconditional love which can help reduce the mental health impacts of COVID-19-related isolation. 

There has been a significant increase in the number of adoption applications all over the country. Instead of many animals awaiting adoption, there are scores of eager adopters waiting for their chance to adopt a pet. For those looking to adopt, many animal shelters have changed their visitation policies. Due to the increased safety precautions, most shelters require appointments to visit their pets and preapproved online applications. In providing online adoption applications, the staff can also reduce the time you will have to spend inside the shelter. Some shelters will even bring the animal to you.

While the pandemic has had devastating effects on people throughout the world, there’s no denying it has had benefits for homeless dogs and cats in the United States. There are far fewer animals waiting for homes in shelters now that people have more time at home as well as a greater need for the love and companionship they provide. It has never been easier to adopt a pet, provided your local shelter still has homeless pets looking for their forever homes.

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